Graham Porter loved his childhood in Gravenhurst, but like many others before him he left so he could see the world. He spent more than 10 years on the west coast then moved to Toronto to start Thumbprint Educational Software. After a year of putting up with the crowds, traffic and 3am sirens, he realized that he missed the peaceful, relaxed and friendly lifestyle in Gravenhurst.

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Graham quickly realized that moving to Gravenhurst was as good for his business as it was for his lifestyle. He was able to take advantage of cheaper operating costs and accessed government programs and incentives that made the transition easy.  He even found top-notch talent and didn’t have to fight competitors to recruit or retain them.

Now Graham is running a global business and living a relaxed local lifestyle in Gravenhurst. He jokes, “As a kid, all you want to do is leave a small town like Gravenhurst. As an adult, all you want to do is come back”. He has managed to live both of those dreams, and has no regrets.