Chef Henrie Thoeringer brings unbridled passion and culinary expertise to his new bistro and café in MacTier.

IMG 1074 scaled 2After graduating from the Austrian culinary school Landesberufsschule Obertrum in 2014, he was awarded the esteemed “Goldener Kochlöffel” (Golden Spoon) in his final year of apprenticeship and a star was placed in the walkway of the academy. Now back in his childhood stomping grounds of MacTier, the talented Chef has opened a bistro to bring the tastes of Europe home.

“I really learned how to appreciate the art of being a chef while in school – food is more than just something you eat. The dish has to look amazing, taste amazing, smell great and the temperatures have to be perfect.”

Chef Henrie Bistro and Cafe officially opened its doors on May 19 with a focus on homemade fare and local ingredients. From freshly roasted coffee beans to the schnitzel and ice cream, Chef Henrie strives to make as much as possible in-house. The ice cream is low sugar, chemical-free and put through a machine that softens the treat each day. All flavours use fresh ingredients, benefiting from the taste of real vanilla beans, oranges, strawberries, bananas and more. “People appreciate the quality of freshly made, in-house food that you can’t get anywhere else. I get all my produce from local farms and farmers markets– it’s the best quality,” said Chef Henrie. “We’ve had a few customers come all the way from Toronto just for our amazing schnitzel!

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Chef Henrie concedes that the menu to start is small, but alcoholic beverages and an expanded selection of coffees are coming soon. For now, there are two signature dishes that everyone has to try when visiting the bistro: schnitzel served with hand-cut potato wedges and a delicious house-made dressing and rosemary chicken with tomato fettuccine and cucumber salad. Patrons can also join Chef Henrie for a culinary class. The five-hour cooking experience includes preparing and enjoying a four-course meal, with the unique menu for each lesson kept secret for guests to discover.
Chef Henrie notes that the Township of Georgian Bay is a refreshing place to live and work, with beautiful landscapes, friendly communities and room to roam. When asked why he decided to open a business in MacTier, Chef Henrie said, “Why not MacTier? Being from the area, I know how great the community is!” He remarks that community members have been steadily visiting the restaurant and proudly spreading the word about his new spot. “I’m happy and blessed to be part of a community that’s always there to help,” said Chef Henrie.

“MacTier also has an advantageous location. The town is just off Highway 400 and it’s surrounded by lakes that attract travelling visitors,” he continues.

Chef Henrie does his part to support the community as well, from purchasing homegrown produce to donating in-kind to local associations for fundraising initiatives.

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Visit Chef Henrie Bistro & Cafe at 339 High Street in MacTier or connect with the business on Facebook.