I’ve seen Gravenhurst come so far in the last couple of years with a real focus on being successful, and making business owners successful, making their residents successful, and enjoy working and living here.” – Graeme Murray
Graeme Murray has fond memories of growing up in Gravenhurst. Swimming at the park, playing soccer with his friends and going to school. But like many before him he left home to pursue his post-secondary education.

Graeme relocated to Ottawa and then Barrie to further his education and train for the National Sledge Hockey team. Despite enjoying his studies and being able to train at the international level, it never really felt like home. He took every opportunity to drive up and spend as many weekends as possible with his friends and family in Gravenhurst. Eventually the driving took its toll and he realized that there was no denying that Gravenhurst was where he really belonged.

Graeme and his girlfriend Claudia decided to leave the big city, and their dreadful commutes, and rediscover their employment options in Gravenhurst. Once in Town they received warm welcomes, and great support from the Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce.
Claudia is part of the Creative Economy, and was able to easily relocate her business to Gravenhurst. She operates her own business – offering writing, website planning and development, translation and social media services – and has expanded her network connections and her clients to the point where she is too busy to operate it on her own. Graeme is now a sales rep for a local craft brewery, where he is responsible for the northern region outside of Toronto. He also performs motivational speaking engagements relaying the secret to his success as a member of the National Sledge Hockey team.

Moving back to Gravenhurst allowed Graeme and Claudia to redefine what was important to them and rediscover how and where they wanted to live. In a town full of people that want the community to live up to its full potential; where everyone can be successful. Now is the time to move to Gravenhurst.