CHEF ALAIN IRVINE  – The Oar & Paddle Restaurant and Pub
Born in Scotland, Alain Irvine came to Gravenhurst in the spring of 2004, when he took on the job of executive professional chef with Taboo Resort. By 2007, Alain and his spouse Robbie had opened North Restaurant and Lounge in Downtown Gravenhurst.  Gravenhurst had a special appeal for Alain as Robbie’s family has owned a cottage in the area for more than 50 years.

Alain Irvine

Two years ago, they launched The Oar & Paddle in North’s former location in the heart of Gravenhurst on Muskoka Road North. “There’s been a real resurgence in Gravenhurst with people moving back, especially young families. We wanted to work toward the future and create a place where those young families would feel comfortable bringing the kids and where many of our former North customers would want to bring their grandchildren.”

Both Alain and Robbie are active in the community partnering with and helping to lift up other businesses.  The Irvines are proud of being a year-round employer. “We can only be successful if other area businesses are too.”

OarPaddleThey have also noticed, with great excitement, a rejuvenation in Muskoka, and particularly in Gravenhurst, with more and more people moving their families and businesses here to enjoy the perfect combination of lifestyle and opportunity.

We’ve needed to consistently diversify and reinvent ourselves to make sure we are delivering quality products while always looking for new ways to meet our customer evolving tastes.
I love to cook, so everything on the menu has 40 years of experience put into it. It’s always the details that separate an average dining experience from a great one.

Alain’s global experience spans three continents, having prepared cuisine for some of the most prestigious hotels and resorts throughout the world. Alain’s culinary philosophy of ‘pure, simple and unhurried‘ is a great fit for the new style of businesses and customers emerging in Downtown Gravenhurst.

Hungry in Downtown Gravenhurst? Visit The Oar & Paddle Restaurant and Pub at 530 Muskoka Road North.