Moving to Muskoka after a career in the meat business, Michael Billinghurst was looking for a new adventure. In the early 90’s the water industry was in its infancy. Michael remembers walking by Browns Beverages as a kid being mesmerized by the bottle filler in the window. This looked like a good place to start talking to people about the beverage business. To make a long story short Michael and the owners of Brown’s got into the water business. With Brown’s excellent distribution Muskoka Springs thrived.

Muskoka Dry had been a main stay of Browns Beverages for almost 100 years but was put out to pasture in the late 70’s as Browns stopped bottling and became a distributor. Recognizing the history of the product Muskoka Springs relaunched the classic pale ale with its distinct taste and old tyme look.

Muskoka Springs carries on the tradition of Brown’s staying in the centre of Gravenhurst but distributing in a much larger area. Bancroft on the east, South River to the north, west to Georgian Bay and south to Orillia. Private labelling and the distribution of Muskoka Dry encompasses all of southern Ontario as well.

Muskoka Springs has new things on the horizon with a new logo, new truck wraps, new labelling and new line of craft sodas. There is also a new website with an online store for purchasing soda and a new line of logoed clothing.

The business has been around for almost 150 years in Gravenhurst. “Each new owner is just a steward of the business” Michael says. The business will be around long after each new owner. “The place is full of memories and good place to work” says Michael.

How does a business succeed in Gravenhurst all these years? “Do it better than the next guy” is Michael’s mantra for succeeding.

Feel like you need a refreshing drink? Find a Muskoka Springs beverage in grocery stores and restaurants across Muskoka and Parry Sound. Need private labeling? Contact Muskoka Springs at 705-687-8852.