Robert Engman was a city boy, born and raised in Toronto. He spent most of his adult life in the big city and it was only fifteen years ago when he started spending time at a cottage in Gravenhurst. Like many others, he caught the bug and realized that Gravenhurst was where he wanted to be all year long.

As an entrepreneur, Rob has owned a number of businesses over the past twenty-six years.  He currently owns a television production company which had been in Toronto and recently relocated to Gravenhurst. Rob publishes Canada’s beer magazine, Taps and owns and operates the Canadian Brewing Awards & Conference. After being in the beer publishing industry for ten years, Rob had learned a lot about Ontario craft beers and met a number of bright people from the industry. He realized it was destiny and he opened Sawdust City Brewing Company in Gravenhurst.
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“One of the prime motivators for us to close our Toronto office and move operations up here was our ability to get affordable fibre… It’s a great opportunity for people who are in the tech sector, or who need that kind of connectivity to experience a lifestyle that’s second to none.” – Rob Engman
Rob enjoys his work, but he loves the quality of life that he can have in Gravenhurst. “I’ve done conference calls on my pontoon boat out on the lake and no one is any the wiser,” Rob happily admits. Everyone knows about the wonderful opportunities to enjoy Gravenhurst in the summer months, but Rob feels that there is something for everyone in the winter as well.

Rob encourages others to evaluate if Gravenhurst is the place for them and their business. With lower property costs it’s much easier to afford to live and work in Gravenhurst than it is in the GTA. Technology has also enabled many people to work from wherever they choose, and he hopes that the beauty of Gravenhurst will attract others as well.
“My view from my office is just a little bit better than everyone else’s.” – Rob Engman.