Micky is one of the cornerstones of the Gravenhurst Business community. Having owned the Gravenhurst Paint and Living Lighting store since 2002 she has been through the ups and downs of this community.
Micky and her husband Rick opened a paint store in the Town of Tillisonburg, however when the opportunity arose to sell their share in the business they started touring the Northern communities. Rick’s uncle held the post of Chief at the Ontario Fire College located in Gravenhurst making Muskoka the easy first step to look. After touring many of the paint stores in the community Micky and Rick were able to purchase a small existing store in Downtown Gravenhurst. This new space did not come without its issues. After a big rain storm on their first day in the new building, they discovered a problem, the roof started leaking. Despite the setbacks that first week Gravenhurst Paint started its road toward the success that it is today. In 2006 Micky and Rick decided to make the jump into expansion. Bracebridge Paint and lighting was created giving greater access to those who were looking to tap into the expert colour matching offered by the company. Additionally, Gravenhurst paint diversified to start including lighting.

When asked why Gravenhurst Micky said, “Gravenhurst is a very local oriented town, even when the economy is down we keep our revenue normal due to commitment of the local population. Living and working in a community that is so friendly and full of community-oriented individuals ensures that the store is always busy.” When talking about Gravenhurst Micky also talked about the seasonality of the economy. “Gravenhurst will always be seasonal, the winter slower and the summer busier, however that does not make it impossible. 2015/2016 was our best winter season yet.” Said Micky of the seasonality. Micky is very proud of her business and her staff. It is quite clear to anyone that enters that the staff operates as a family. Maintaining her staff year-round without lay-offs is something that Micky continues to be proud of.

More than a business Micky chooses to live in the area. The beautiful scenery, the short commute and the friendly neighbours make her glad they made the choice to come to Gravenhurst. Micky continues to get involved within the community, whether through being active with her church programs or being a model in the Gravenhurst Fashion show, she always sees ways that she can help.

“When building a business up here you have to be willing to put in the time. Businesses aren’t always easy but at the end of the day all of those hard days and long hours are worth it”
Visit Micky today at Gravenhurst Paint and Living Lighting at 545 Muskoka Rd N in Downtown Gravenhurst.