Upon completing his post-graduate degree in Toronto, Randy Cooper was offered high-level jobs in New York City and Toronto, as well as the opportunity to run a resort in Huntsville.  Tired of the busy hustle and bustle of the city and longing to raise a family in a place that mirrored the small town values of his hometown of Deep River, Ontario, he took the job in Huntsville.

In 1993, after five years of running the 5-star resort, Randy switched gears and entered the pipeline business where he quickly climbed the corporate ladder.  In 2008, with 15 years of experience under his belt, Randy built a local development team to invent an innovative pipeline cleaning and rehabilitation technology (called the Tomahawk™ system) that allowed him to open his own business, Envirologics Engineering Inc., located in Bracebridge.

Envirologics Engineering Inc. now employs a small but mighty team of engineers, geologists, technicians and project managers.  They distribute the Tomahawk™ System technology across Canada and into the U.S.  They have also received interest from prospects in Australia, China, Hungary and the United Kingdom.
Through his various business ventures, Randy has had the opportunity to travel the world and to him there is no better place to live than Bracebridge.  It offers all of the lifestyle elements – community, peace of mind, solitude, adventure – once could ask for while still having the close proximity to the larger cities when necessary.
“From the second I moved to Bracebridge I knew I was home and I was never going to leave….even if it meant having to invent an engineering technology to do it.” stated Randy.
Envirologics Engineering Inc.
193-5 Manitoba Street
Bracebridge, ON