Through Contact North | Contact Nord’s online learning centre in Bracebridge, local businesses and their employees can access free online opportunities to upskill and retrain. Whether businesses are operating in an entirely new situation due to the pandemic and need to retrain their employees or simply want their employees to upgrade their skills, Contact North | Contact Nord can help.

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“We’re here to help your team retrain and improve their skills so your business can grow and develop in Muskoka,” Robin Brushey, Online Learning Recruitment Officer for the Contact North | Contact Nord Bracebridge online learning centre. “It’s important to have that local support right here. Let us help your business grow with free online course options like social media marketing, financial and business management, diversity training and more.”

Muskoka businesses at every level — large or small, well established or brand new — need to take every opportunity to stimulate growth. Business owners and employees can choose from more than 2,100 online programs and 34,000 online courses from Ontario institutions, including:

  • Computer skills training to establish a stronger online business presence, offer workshops or consult with clients online
  • Marketing and sales
  • Entrepreneurship
  • WHMIS or industry-specific training
  • AODA mandatory training

1080x1080 Generic OnlineLearners 7Contact North | Contact Nord provides assistance with registering in online programs and courses, finding resources and providing referrals to other community support services. It also provides free, in-person access* to high-speed Internet, computer workstations, web and videoconferencing platforms and technical support.

As Ontario’s community-based bilingual distance education and training network, Contact North | Contact Nord helps underserved Ontarians in 800 small, rural, remote, Indigenous and Francophone communities get jobs by providing access to education and training without leaving their communities. For more information, contact Robin Brushey at [email protected] or call 1-855-699-6330.

* Due to the current province-wide shutdown, in-person access is restricted until at least June 1.

For more information please connect with Robin by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 1-855-699-6330.
Contact North Muskoka Online Learning Centre
169 Pine Street, Bracebridge, ON
Located inside the Muskoka Community Hub