Muskoka has been recognized internationally by National Geographic as one of the best places to visit in the world, and is known affectionately in Canada and Ontario as cottage country. As a destination, it is at or near the top of many ‘favourite places on earth’ lists.
Muskoka is undeniably a powerful destination brand, but the power of the Muskoka brand can also be used to create a powerful business brand. How can the Muskoka brand help a new / existing business with its own branding? Brand association.

muskoka brewery team
What comes to mind when you think of Muskoka? A few attributes might include:

  • unparalleled natural beauty
  • outdoorsy fun and adventure
  • a place for rest and relaxation
  • a ‘cachet’ vacation, a premium experience
  • a place to make memories
  • natural yet urban; trendy restaurants, art galleries, shopping, concerts, theatre

From a branding perspective, you associate Muskoka with a positive feeling, a relaxed feeling, a feeling of clean, natural and fun. By linking the Muskoka brand to your own business brand, you can create an association with these special attributes that will reflect on your own business.

Muskoka Brewery is a great example of how a business can leverage the power of the Muskoka brand. The Muskoka Brewery brand evokes a sense of relaxation, all-natural and premium. The similarities between the Muskoka brand and the Muskoka Brewery brand are uncanny, but most importantly, authentic.

member muskoka brewery beer on the pier

Your brand ultimately represents your company, and your company’s promise to the customer. Your brand should be authentic, believable, and something your business can deliver on. So think about it. Does your brand share attributes with the Muskoka brand? Can you deliver on the expectations the Muskoka brand creates?