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February 14, 2017

pure-muskoka-youtube-logoWhat started with a single picture has now developed into a well-known Muskoka small business located in Bala in the Township Muskoka Lakes. That one picture was captioned, shared on social media and before they knew it, the photo had over 300 likes and 100 shares. At that point, brother’s Ben Kelly and Andy Hansen knew they were onto something. Pure Muskoka was born and the brother’s haven’t missed taking a daily photo since.
After hundreds of photos, a story of Muskoka told through each one, the brand of Pure Muskoka has grown a huge social media following. Pure Muskoka has grown into a local digital media company that offers unique, targeted advertising opportunities for businesses that serve the community. front-row-seatingPure Muskoka campaigns feel authentic because they are.
There is no place like home for Ben and Andy! Toronto was a big city filled with opportunity and it allowed them to flourish in marketing and video production careers. The brothers became restless with the city lifestyle, waiting weekly for the weekend to get away. Muskoka is where they would call home, after vacationing in the area ever since they were kids. Muskoka has allowed them to have the perfect work life balance. Careers in marketing and video production have enabled them to work virtually and commute to the city if needed, while enjoying less working hours and more time spent with the family.

At this time, Pure Muskoka continues to grow. The company now offers advertising portraits for local businesses, and sells merchandise, including a photo book of the daily moments captured.  One thing is known for sure, this uniquely built brand has endless opportunities to develop into a very successful Muskoka business.

flyin-highAsked what advice they would give to a business looking to start up in Muskoka, Ben and Andy acknowledge the importance of giving back and participating with the local community. The local business community is built on honesty and trust, local participation allows for the opportunity to connect and build relationships.

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