Spotlight - B.O.R. Aggregate Company Inc.

November 22, 2016

bor-aggregate-logoThriving in the community of Dwight you will find B.O.R. Aggregate Company Inc., a local leader in the aggregate product business since the early 1990’s. Boasting an impressive variety of aggregate products from sand and gravel to granite materials, B.O.R. Aggregate distributes their aggregate products both locally and regionally for a wide variety of applications including road surfacing, tile beds, landscaping, gardening, and more. According to B.O.R.’s President Lori Boothby, the business was founded in Dwight because there is a strong family history of entrepreneurial success in the area in both the quarry and construction business. With over 40 years of industry expertise, B.O.R. Aggregate has built a diverse business that now employs 5 full-time year-round employees as well as 10 full-time seasonal employees (from early spring to snowfall).
Through a competitive process, B.O.R. Aggregate was recently awarded the contract to build a large rock wall for Ontario Place to be revealed in spring 2017 as part of the provincial tribute to Canada’s 150th anniversary. Under the direction of Walter Kehm of LANDinc and created in collaboration with Stone Cutters of Muskoka, the vast rock wall spans over 220 feet long and 14 feet high and was designed to include various levels, steps, and caves for exploration. Designed and assembled in one of B.O.R.’s quarries in Dwight, the rock wall will be shipped piece by piece to Ontario Place where it will be reassembled using an intricate system of markings. Some individual rocks weigh up to 52 tonnes and will be shipped one at a time to their new home at the Toronto waterfront.

Chuck Boothby described the rock wall as “a source of local pride to know that there will be a piece of Muskoka featured at the Toronto waterfront for Canadian visitors and international tourists to admire and enjoy for many years to come.”

Photo: Dwight, Lake of Bays, Muskoka - September 2016

The Township of Lake of Bays celebrates this local success story and the significant contribution of B.O.R. Aggregate to Canada’s 150th celebration of our heritage.

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