The District Municipality of Muskoka is proud to own and operate the Muskoka Airport (CYQA). From its rich past as part of the Trans-Canada Airway; its use during WWII by the Royal Norwegian Air Force; its expansion to serve as an emergency air field for the early fighter jets of the Canadian Air Force; to today’s role as a vital transportation hub. The airport continues to provide a wealth of value to the Muskoka community.
  • Located in Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada
  • $40M annual contribution to local economy
  • Corporate, government & recreational flights 365 days/yr
  • 6000’ x 150 resurfaced (2015) runway
  • Designated Airport of Entry by CBSA
  • Esso Aviation fuel dealership
  • Cottage-style Airport Terminal
  • Car rental company onsite
  • 50 mins to Algonquin Park
  • Situated in the heart of Ontario’s resort capital
  • Captivating History: training base for Norwegian Air Force during WWII
  • Investigating the possibility of Commercial Air Service

    RT012 / Explorers’ Edge has partnered with the District of Muskoka and the Town of Gravenhurst to investigate the possibility of the introduction of CATSA security screening at the Muskoka Airport. RT012 envisions that regional air service will be a significant catalyst to tourism destination building and economic development in the region, the result of marketing to and the influx of visitors from U.S. destinations in particular.

    For more information about the efforts to bring passenger service to the Muskoka Airport, click here to contact RTO12 for more information.

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